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Personal Accounts

At Options we like to make things just a little less complicated. We don't feel the need to offer a multitude of accounts with complicated fee structures. Instead, our products are the perfect option for everyone with no fees, no strings attached, no limits, and just simply better. Check out our fee schedule and see for yourself.

Membership Share

  • $5 minimum to open and maintain

  • Dividends are paid quarterly

  • Insured to at least $250,000*

  • Save through payroll deduction, automatic transfer or regular deposits

  • May be used as free overdraft protection, with unlimited withdrawals

  • May also have multiple secondary shares

Holiday Account

  • No minimum balance requirement

  • Interest is paid quarterly

  • Save all year to ease Holiday spending

  • Contribute through payroll deduction or automatic payments

  • No limit on deposits or withdrawals

Money Market

  • Rate of interest is tiered based on balance

  • Interest is paid monthly

  • Unlimited withdrawals for liquidity

  • Can be used for free overdraft protection


  • $500 minimum to open

  • Interest is paid monthly

  • Higher earnings than share accounts

  • Rate is fixed for the term of your certificate

Simply Better Checking

  • No minimum balance requirement

  • No monthly fees

  • Free mobile deposits/mobile banking

  • Free direct deposit

  • Free debit card alerts/monitoring

  • Free bill pay

  • Overdraft options available

  • Unlimited transactions

  • Paperless or mailed statements

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