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Your Online Privacy

Options Credit Union is committed to protecting the personal privacy of the visitors to our web site. It is our policy to limit the collection and storage of personal information necessary for us to administer our business, provide you with quality service, and offer you opportunities we think might be of interest. We do not disclose any personal information collected from our website to unaffiliated organizations.

When you visit any website, your “IP address” is recorded. We collect IP addresses for the sole purpose of tracking information and compiling statistics to help us improve the site, so its users will find it more helpful and informative. The information is used solely for these analytical purposes and is discarded after use. IP address information is not distributed to third parties.

We also use a technology called “cookies” to customize the site for returning visitors. A cookie is a small piece of data which is stored on a visitor’s PC and later retrieved. This is helpful when you return to a site to obtain information from certain sections quickly. Our policy is to use cookies only for this limited purpose.


To provide you with greater access to information, Options Credit Union also contains links to other sites. Third party website links will launch you to a website that is not controlled or owned by Options Credit Union. Options Credit Union does not contribute to the content displayed on these websites and does not legally endorse services or represent you or the third party in transactions conducted via these linked websites. Please be aware that information security and privacy policies may differ from those practiced by Options Credit Union.

If you have any questions about our privacy practices, you can contact

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