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Guaranteed Asset Protection

GAP Advantage supplements your primary insurance coverage. It covers the "gap" between what you owe and what they pay on a total loss. You will even receive $1000 towards the purchase of your replacement vehicle when you finance it with Options. GAP coverage is a one-time cost.

Mechanic Wrench


Mechanical Breakdown Protection

A Route 66 warranty is significantly less expensive, better, and more robust than vehicle service contracts offered by auto dealers. Roadside assistance and rental car allowance is included with every policy. Even better; no deductible, nationwide coverage, and it's transferrable.

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Auto Insurance Discounts

You trust your credit union to make products and services available to you to help you do more with what you have.  That's why we've joined with a dedicated team of insurance professionals to bring you the TruStage Auto & Home Insurance Program. Your credit union membership could result in some nice savings!

Guaranteed Asset Protection with GAP Advantage
No matter the circumstances, the minute you drive a vehicle off the dealer lot it depreciates in value. You can protect the investment you made in your vehicle with GAP Advantage. GAP Advantage is a voluntary program offered on new or used vehicle purchases. It is a supplemental benefit to your existing insurance policy, it does not replace it.
GAP Advantage covers the difference between what your carrier pays on a total loss of your vehicle, based on their perceived value of it, and what you owe. Most times, unless you made a significant down payment, it won't be enough to pay your loan balance. Our GAP Advantage also provides you with an additional $1000 towards the purchase of a new vehicle, as long as you finance it with us. Even if you don't have a deficiency to pay, you still qualify for the extra $1000 benefit towards your replacement vehicle. GAP Advantage is a small investment towards peace of mind to not be left holding the bag when the unexpected happens.
  • GAP Advantage coverage is optional, it is not required for loan approval.
  • GAP Advantage coverage is a one-time cost (based on the loan amount) and we will add it to your loan if you choose, you won't even have to pay out of pocket.
  • GAP Advantage coverage will pay even if your vehicle is stolen and not recovered.
  • GAP Advantage coverage also provides an additional $1000 towards the purchase of your replacement vehicle, even if you didn't have a "gap".
Route 66 Extended Warranty and Mechanical Breakdown Protection
Route 66 is one of the most cost-efficient service agreements in the industry. It offers mechanical breakdown coverage and protects you from the high cost of major repairs. It offers various levels of protection and provides Emergency Roadside Assistance, at no cost, throughout the life of the contract.
You can get service from any ASE certified repair facility of your choosing. Simply present your Route 66 service contract to the facility and instruct them to call the claims department. Route 66 will cover the cost of parts and labor on a qualifying event. With the total loss refund option, Route 66 will refund the entire amount of your premium in the event of a total loss as the result of a major accident. If you sell your vehicle before the contract expires, you can even transfer it to the buyer. What a great way to add value to your sale.
  • MBP coverage is optional, it is not required for loan approval.
  • MBP coverage is a one-time cost (based on your specific vehicle) and we will add it to your loan if you choose, you won't even have out of pocket.
  • MBP coverage has a zero deductible when you need repairs.
  • MBP coverage even includes free roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement for the life of your policy.
You can purchase MBP at any time. It does not have to be tied to your loan, and you don't even have to purchase a new vehicle. You can purchase a Route 66 policy from us on your existing vehicle. We even have a special low rate loan program for you to take advantage of and make payments on your new policy. 
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