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Deposit Rates

All rates are accurate as of 01/27/2023

The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is the total amount of the dividends/interest to be paid on the account based on rate and compounding. Fees could reduce the earnings. Rates are subject to periodic market changes, please contact the credit union for current rates at 303-860-1117.

Other Features

  • The dividend/interest APY is variable and subject change after account opening.

  • All savings accounts compound and credit dividends quarterly, checking accounts compound and credit interest monthly.

  • COLTAF accounts pay interest monthly to the Colorado Legal Aid Foundation.

Other Features

  • The interest APY is variable and subject to change after account opening.

  • Money market accounts are variable rate accounts, with a minimum balance requirement to open and earn. If the account falls below the minimum balance requirement the APY will be 0%

  • Money market accounts compound and credit interest monthly.

  • A fee will be imposed on the High Yield Options account for more than one (1) withdrawal or transfer per month. Please refer to the Fee Schedule for fees associated with this account.

Other Features

  • All certificates compound and credit interest monthly.

  • Early withdrawal penalties may apply on certificates.

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