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Benefits of membership:
Once you become a member of Options Credit Union you are eligible for all of the great benefits we have to offer. Not only can we serve all of your financial needs, but we also offer most of our products and services at low or no cost to you.


Procedures for becoming a member:
At Options Credit Union you become more than just a number. With your membership, you can take advantage of our full range of financial products and services including auto loans, mortgages, checking, and money market accounts.

The online application process takes only a few minutes and will require the following items for all account owners:

  • Valid, Unexpired Driver's License or Passport

  • US Social Security Number

  • US Citizenship or Resident Alien Status

  • $5 Membership Deposit and a $5 Membership Fee



About your membership:

  • The membership account automatically comes with a savings account.

  • Your $5 deposit is required to maintain your membership, it is not a fee. If you ever cancel your membership it will be refunded back to you.

  • You may also open up additional savings, checking, high yield, or certificate accounts.

  • Your membership will not be complete until you provide to us all of the required documents, fund your account, and electronically sign your agreement that we will send to you upon account approval by the credit union.

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