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Refinance with Options

If you are looking to lower your payment, or just find a better interest rate, we have options for you. Fill out a quick online loan application, submit the required documentation, and we will run the numbers to find the best option we have for you. It's quick and easy, we will even handle paying off your old lender.

Documentation Requirements

We will need the following items to finalize your application:

  • $28 Application Fee

  • Proof of Income

  • Proof of Residence

  • Proof of Insurance

  • 15-day loan payoff letter from the current lender

  • Membership in Options Credit Union

Consider these factors when deciding if loan refinancing is right for you:
Did you accept dealer financing just to get out the door? Chances are you could have received a much better loan offer had you gone direct to a lender. Just because you already accepted the deal doesn't mean you have to live with it until the loan is paid. It's a simple process to get out from under your current lender and we will help you along the way.

Prepayment Penalty - Be sure to check with your current lender to determine if they have a prepayment penalty. If so, make sure you do the math first. If the amount you save outweighs the penalty then refinancing may still be a good option for you.

Interest Rate - Chances are if you financed with the dealer you likely could have qualified for a much better rate directly with the lender. Make sure you check your current rate before accepting a refinance offer. In the unlikely chance that your rate would actually go higher, then it may not be the right time to refinance.

Credit Score - It's likely that your credit score has gone up since you took out your original loan. If your score has improved it's the perfect time to check into your refinancing options. 

Vehicle Value - If the dealer loaded up your sale with addons having enough equity could pose a problem. If you had a down payment or a trade you should be in good shape, but if you rolled over negative equity you may need to pay more down on your original loan before refinancing. You can call us to check the value of your vehicle before deciding if it's the right time to refinance.

Income - Life happens, if your financial situation has changed since you took out your original loan refinancing to get a lower payment can help ease the strain on your monthly budget.

Loan Term - Extending your loan term can lower your monthly payment and save you some green, but you will likely pay more interest over time. Refinancing may still be a good option for you if your main goal is to get the monthly payment down. 

​Other Features

  • Terms range from 36 to 84 months, based on the amount borrowed.

  • 45 days no payment.

  • Always exceptionally low rates.

  • Get piece of mind when you elect GAP coverage.

  • Check the daily Loan Bulletin for current specials, rates, and terms.

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