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Who we are:

Options Credit Union was founded in 1979 as the Denver Bar Association Credit Union. In 2004 we expanded our member reach and changed our name to Legal Community Credit Union. In 2016 we decided to re-brand to better reflect our service commitment to our membership and became Options Credit Union.

If you are a member or employee at any of our Partner Associations you are automatically eligible for membership at Options Credit Union. If you would like your group or employer to be considered for credit union partnership please contact the credit union.


Once a member of Options Credit Union, your entire family is also eligible for membership. Family membership includes anyone related to you by blood, marriage, partnership, adoption, or living within your household. Your credit union membership does not end if you move, change jobs or retire, so your benefits can last a lifetime.


What makes Options Credit Union different from banks and even other credit unions? Our mission is to provide affordable financial services to our members and we believe in service over profit. Join Options Credit Union and take advantage of the many benefits we offer to enhance your life.


Our Partners:
  • Denver Bar Association

  • Colorado Bar Association

  • Consumers United

  • Rocky Mountain Paralegal Association

  • Coal Mine Centre


If you are not currently a member of one of these partners you can join Consumers United Association online and if you reside in Colorado you will then automatically become eligible for membership to Options Credit Union.

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